Louis is one of those people we believed in from day one.

He is one of those people who doesn’t worry about anything, who lets others worry about him.

He is one of those people who take life as it comes.

So for his first victory at the highest French amateur level, we had to dedicate a few lines to him.

Louis participated in the criterium of the centenary of Eckwersheim. A 1st category race. A race that he won in breakaway.

Here is his account of the race : ( hang on. )

I like these moments, we are all together, the guts inflated to 10 bars, the looks that cross, the camphorated oil that scents the parking lot, it is always the same gestures first the left leg, socks then shoes, then the right leg and finally a small caffeine gel to do the trick, it is called the cocktail of barbarians.

And it’s for this kind of story that we at Redbros love Louis.

More seriously, he was wearing our aero socks. On a criterium like this one, which was won at an average speed of 42km/h, our socks allowed him to save the few watts needed to claim victory.

He was able to show a sharp tactical sense to enter alone on the good breakaway and to settle this group by going out alone at 1km from the finish. An intense 1km, surely one of the hardest of his life.

And at Redbros, we are very happy to have accompanied him during this kilometer! That’s the reason why we started.

We’re also happy to offer you the same socks as Louis, they won’t slip and will help you save a few watts needed to chase the KOM or win.

Do what Louis did and win with your Redbros socks. 

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