James doing his best : Cruising in Redbros kit ( a life goal )

For once, we are not going to talk about our Redbros athletes, but about our company Redbros. It’s been a while since our dream was born.

We didn’t expect so much support from the cycling community.
Running Redbros requires an evolving passion to make the concept evolve. Whether it’s the cycling or triathlon world, they have all welcomed us warmly.
Every day we have new ideas, new designs and theories to try. Prototyping materials and items to the extremes in order to deliver sports clothing that we are proud of. Our product page looks already nice and we are proud of it : https://redbros.net
The one thing we know for sure is that we want to make Redbros the brand that offers the perfect package of comfort and performance in one.

We don’t want to be known for our low prices because we feel that our prices should be a base line for all sports clothing. Customers shouldn’t need to spend a fortune on sports clothing.

We want every cyclist to be able to equip himself in a way that saves some watts! New (very fast) products are currently being tested, so the future looks even more exciting than the present.
Finally, once again thank you for all that you have given us, we will continue to give our best to accompany you in all your outings, whether it is for you or for your club, we will always make our products with passion.

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