to Redbros!

A project and a vision created by two brothers.

A chance to reinvent and add our own DNA to cycling apparel and provide comfortable, professionally finished sportswear at an affordable price point. We are here to build a community around the world. Over 50,000 kilometres of garments have been tested and pushed to the last meticulously woven textile fibre. Our experience in the cycling world has led us to create our own brand of cycling clothing, whether you are a gravel rider, iron man triathlon or short distance, cyclo-cross, time trialist, trail or road runner or even a road cyclist you will find comfort and performance at REDBROS.

Why red?

The colour red is a story with two meanings. How can one colour have so many different personalities… so many connotations?
Pain ∙ Suffering ∙ Anger ∙ Rage

But what red also represents is love ∙ passion ∙ romance. The colour red brings out the emotions in everyone. It can be so beautiful and at the same time so threatening…

We are bike

Sport has all the shades of red. From the exhilaration of accomplishing a feat. The challenges and rewards along the way. The sacrifices, struggles, success and glory. All of this is blended into one colour. Red symbolises these emotions and so we include it in our clothing… in our image and spirit. For some days, red can bring success and for others… it can bring opportunity.

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